Who We Are

Karanth's Food PVT. LTD. is an ISO 22000:2018 certified enterprise formed by us, a team of youngsters from the local farming community who have brought together their skills and learning in various fields. Agriculture, the lone means of livelihood in the heart of the Western Ghats of Karnataka, is mainly affected by the lack of value addition to the agro products.

Aware of the ground realities, we have ventured to take a step towards remedying this lacuna and restore the local hoary ethos. It is our intention to reestablish interest in agriculture among the youth, which is fast eroding. We strive to bring entrepreneurship conducive to the local conditions and accomplish holistic progress. We believe that ultimately the exodus of youth from the pristine heart of the Western Ghats would stop and a reversal is achieved.

Our first choice has been Food Processing with special emphasis on the preservation of traditional agro products retaining all their nutritional contents. It is our endeavour to record a healthy growth and branch out at a later date.

About Us

  • Vision

    Our vision is to develop a thriving ecosystem where the journey of food, from seed to plate, becomes a source of empowerment and prosperity for both consumers and farmers. We envision a future where every meal not only nourishes the body but also nurtures the communities that sustain it.

  • Mission

    At Fruit Treat, our mission is to empower our customers to make wholesome and nourishing choices by providing them with a diverse range of delicious, convenient, and nutritionally balanced snacks. Also, we aim to preserve the holistic traditional values and local ethos in the rural world, even while achieving progress by employing updated and innovative technology

  • Purpose

    The purpose of Karanth's Fruit Treat Company, which sources its raw materials from the Western Ghats region, is to create a symbiotic relationship between consumers, nature, and local communities. Our objective is also to create a positive impact on consumers' lives by offering them a range of healthy and tasty vacuum-fried snacks while also emphasizing sustainability, transparency, and the promotion of local agriculture.

  • Values

    Our products have the potential to change the lives of customers by
    offering healthier snacking alternatives, encouraging better eating
    habits, reducing the risk of health issues, satisfying cravings in a nutritious way, promoting environmental awareness, supporting local
    communities, introducing cultural appreciation, and offering convenient,
    accessible options for making nutritious choices.

Our Team

Dr. Bharadwaj Karanth

Founder, CEO at Fruit Treat


Sendhil Kumar R

Senior Sales Manager at Fruit Treat

Shreyas YS

HR & Admin at Fruit Treat


Manush MR

Production Head at Fruit Treat

Karthikeya Bhatt

Brand Manager at Fruit Treat


Akash Alegavi

Manager-Quality & NPD at Fruit Treat


Suchithra KS

Accountant at Fruit Treat

Rakesh CR

Senior Technician at Fruit Treat