We use an alternative technology to maintain the high standards and quality of the food.

    We use Vacuum frying technology over conventional frying which has better health benefits

Special Combos

  • Natural Fruit Snacks

    This technology makes the products free from preservatives and holds the originality of the food without added sugar and colors.

    You get the real taste of the fruit on every bite. It is a treat to remember.

  • Healthy Fruit Snacks

    Vacuum fried chips always help in retaining all the micronutrient and vitamin properties. It improves the quality attributes of fried products.

    It maintains low moisture and fat content while preserving certain health benefits.

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New Arrivals

About Us

Karanth's Foods PVT. LTD. is an ISO 22000:2005 certified enterprise formed by us, a team of youngsters from the local farming community who have brought together their skills and learning in various fields.

Agriculture, the lone means of livelihood in the heart of the Western Ghats of Karnataka, is mainly affected by the lack of value addition to the agro products. Aware of the ground realities, we have ventured to take a step towards remedying this lacuna and restore the local hoary ethos.

  • From PhD in AI to fruit chips company!

    Twenty-eight-year-old Bharadwaj Karanth’s company, Suvidha Foods and Beverages, procures fruits and vegetables directly from farmers and processes them into chips and dry fruits.

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  • The Journey

    Bharadwaj Karanth, a young entrepreneur from Sringeri, quit his teaching profession to start a rural enterprise in his village. His venture Karanth’s Food products offers vacuum fried fruits and vegetables.

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  • 80-90% lesser oil, 0% sugar or colours

    This Startup Makes Preservative-Free Natural Chips Using Chikoo, Okra & More. “If you look at the population of Sringeri, at least 80 per cent of those who live here practise agriculture."

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FruitTreat is a healthy snack range offered from Karanths Foods Pvt Ltd Sringeri where the products are vacuum processed and are crispy crunchy and tasty as well.

Yes, FruitTreat is made using vacuum processed technology, the entire process will be done in a closed chamber and with low frying temperature. FruitTreat retains most of the nutritional values of the fruits and vegetables intact.

FruitTreat has its manufacturing unit in the midst of western ghats in the holy land of Sringeri. Where it sources its raw materials from local farmers where they practice organic farming in their farms.

Yes, we do use oil in vacuum frying. But oil will become unhealthy when it mixes with oxygen. But in vacuum frying there will be no chance for oxidation since the entire process will be done in a closed chamber that makes vacuum frying healthier.

Most of the companies will use Palm oil in their processes. But FruitTreat aims in giving a healthy product range to the customers and to keep them healthy we use Rice bran oil in all our processes.

There is no third party involved in FruitTreat. You will get snacks directly from producers. Since there is no middle man involved and our margins are less than 5% , the prices can be kept low.

FruitTreat offers a wide range of Fruits and Vegetables in the form of healthy snacks. It ranges from fruits like Banana, Jackfruit, Pappaya, Pineapple and Chikku and vegetables such as Sweet Potato, Bendi(Okra), garlic and Kabul chana and many more.

FruitTreat has its head office in Sringeri in the Chikkamaglur District of Karnataka State.

The total thought behind making FruitTreat is to help local farmers in the remote village of India and to practice value addition of local crops. Since FruitTreat is extensively helping farmers and local youths in getting jobs in their local cities it is mostly praised by the media all the time towards its social initiatives.

Now FruitTreat is available in more than 500 stores across the country and you can also order through our website www.fruittreat.com We are also present in many of the e commerce sites like Amazon, BigBasket, Karnkart etc.

Yes, FruitTreat is now catering all the cities in India through its logistics and courier partners.

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