Banana Chips - More Healthy Fruit Snacks

Banana Chips - More Healthy Fruit Snacks

Banana chips are fantastic, addictive snacks but let’s be honest: Are they really healthy? Yes, it's healthy. We apply vacuum frying technology which makes the snacks oil-free. It's 100% natural, with no added sugar, no artificial color. Sometimes attractive colorful snacks may not be healthy snacks. It is Rich in Dietary Fibers, Potassium, Copper, Iron, and Vitamin C. Fruittreat is the leading manufacturing company in India that cares about your health. The idea of Fruit Treat is to offer healthy snacks which are rich in nutrition, produced from fruits that are organically grown and cooked using traditional Indian techniques. In this way, the company is aiming to carry forward the cooking traditions of South India.


Banana chips have been naturally and organically cultivated in the pristine environment of the Western Ghats. Banana chips provide a snack alternative and are so much healthier than any commercial product which contains high amounts of sugar and fat. It consists of Protein, Potassium, Dietary Fibres, Vitamin B6, and C. Each of these is essential for the human body for various purposes. Some of the core functions of the nutrients mentioned above include regulation of fluid balance, muscle contraction and nerve signals, maintenance of muscle and nerve function, improving digestive health, vision and immune system and the growth and development of body tissues. Vacuum frying technology ensures that the chips do not absorb too much oil and retain the natural nutrients of the fruit. With low absorption of oil, the calorie content is less as compared to other snacks. The chips, therefore taste a lot different than most of the snacks you may have come across till date. You will experience the richness of the naturally grown fruit in every bite of the chip.


Fruit Treat snacks are made of fruits and vegetables that are naturally grown around the small town of the Western Ghats, Sringeri. The place is a tropical rain forest has fertile lands and the fruits, therefore, are rich in nutrition. The chips are cooked in the vacuum frying machine. Here the fruit gets fried at lower temperature and under near-vacuum conditions. In such conditions, the fruit or the vegetable retains its flavours and the nutrients better and becomes crispier as compared to the conventional frying technique. Once the chips are ready they are packed in attractive packages where you can find the details of the ingredients and nutritional value of the snack.


Vacuum fried snacks have many good qualities as compared to snacks that are fried under normal pressure or at higher pressure. The vegetable or the fruit absorbs less oil since it is deep-fried for an optimal pre-defined amount of time. This makes vacuum fried chips healthier than other types of chips. The vacuum-frying process helps retain the natural nutrients, colour, texture, and flavour of the fruit or vegetable that is being fried. This, quite simply, means that vacuum-fried snacks are more nutritious and tastier than regular fried food. The lesser oil content due to the unique cooking process also makes these snacks less in their calorie count. The lower temperature also favours the consumer in making the snacks healthier.


Vacuum fried healthy snacks are undoubtedly healthy and tasty snacks. Especially when you are having vacuum fried fruits and veggies snacks, you are consuming the fruits and veggies only but in a snacky way. It is giving you a snacky flavor and also keeps you healthy. It is healthy, preserves the quality, aroma, and color of the deep-fried food. Therefore, vacuum fried snacks are deliberated as a healthy diet. Even, dieticians have recommended vacuum fried snacks as a proxy to minimize the loss caused by deep-fried snacks.


You will not get bored with these fruit snacks because there are 10 different flavours; Natural Banana Treat(plain or with pepper), Natural Jackfruit Treat(plain or with pepper), Natural Okra Treat, Natural Sweet Potato Treat, Natural Garlic Treat, Natural Papaya Treat, Natural Chikoo Treat and Kabuli Channa ( Chickpeas)  we have got all your favorite traditional Indian snacks covered in a healthier alternative to the unhealthy traditionally fried snacks flooding the markets.


Fruit Treat is a product of Karanth’s Foods Pvt. Ltd. The company has an objective of making great quality snacks that reflect the country’s heritage and take it across to all corners of the country. The best part of Fruit Treat is that you can now sit back at home and order vacuum fried fruit chips online. The snacks are delivered to your doorstep. Fruit Treat can, therefore, become your favourite snack destination where you can now log in and buy healthy snacks in Bangalore.


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