Your Favourite Fruits are Now Vacuum Fried Chips

Your Favourite Fruits are Now Vacuum Fried Chips

We all love fruits. Jackfruits take over in summers. Chikoo fruits are loved for their sweetness and softness. You can find papayas in the kitchen throughout the year. But for a change, what if you were given a crispy snack made from these fruits? Yes.

The following blog speaks of vacuum fried fruit snacks that can change the way you look at your favourite fruit. Read on to find out about how Fruit Treat is taking Jackfruit, Banana, Chikoo, Papaya and other naturally available fruits and vegetables and making them into crunchy and differently delicious crisps.

The Idea of the Fruity and Natural Snack

We have had potato chips and other baked snacks made of corn, wheat flour, rice flour etc. in the past. Sure, most of these snacks available in the market are tasty while only few may meet the quality standards and even fewer are healthy. The idea to make snacks out of the already delicious fruits is not new. Such snacks have been prepared in villages of Western Ghats for a few decades. The snacks made an amazing combo with the hot and flavourful coffee during the cold evenings. While the jackfruits grew only during summers, the Jackfruit chips lasted throughout the rainy and winter seasons.

Fruit Treat, a product of Karanth’s Foods Pvt. Ltd. wanted to introduce India to these snacks. They wanted to make these natural snacks healthier. Thus the idea of selling vacuum fried fruit snacks online.

Fruit Treat Snacks – What You Can Expect?

Fruit Treat has chosen a few delightful fruits and vegetables out of which it makes crispy, flavourful and healthy snacks. If your love is for Jackfruit then you may choose Jackfruit Treat, where you taste slices of raw Jackfruit that are fried with added salt, pepper powder or chilly powder. No sugar and no other preservative is added to these snacks.

Similarly, there is Chikoo Treat, where you get Chikoo chips for people who love to have the sweet and delicious fruit and there are banana chips which are distinctive from the yellow Nendran banana chips.

You can also try the fried okra which is spicy, yummy and crispy or the Papaya Treat which is packed with nutrients. Each snack from Fruit Treat has its own nutritional benefits.

The Making and the Delivery of Natural Fruit Chips

Fruit Treat snacks are made of fruits and vegetables that are naturally grown around the small town of the Western Ghats, Sringeri. The place is a tropical rain forest has fertile lands and the fruits, therefore, are rich in nutrition. The chips are cooked in the vacuum frying machine. Here the fruit gets fried at lower temperature and under near-vacuum conditions. In such conditions, the fruit or the vegetable retains its flavours and the nutrients better and becomes crispier as compared to the conventional frying technique. Once the chips are ready they are packed in attractive packages where you can find the details of the ingredients and nutritional value of the snack.

The best part of Fruit Treat is that you can now sit back at home and order vacuum fried fruit chips online. The snacks are delivered to your doorstep. Fruit Treat can, therefore, become your favourite snack destination where you can now log in and buy healthy snacks in Bangalore.

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