What is the best time to have snacks in a day?

What is the best time to have snacks in a day?

Well, it all depends on how much space you give while having your meals, breakfast, and dinner. We Indians, usually prefer to have our dinner by 9.30 pm-10 pm which is quite normal. By the time we will see there is a huge gap between lunch and dinner, so what we do is we eat snacks which may cause weight gain and other health issues.

Here is the list of common timings when people love to have a snack:-

Most of us have a time or times of day we’re most vulnerable to making poor snack choices. Identify your weak times and write a list of nutritious, filling, and satisfying options.


11 am: I can’t face breakfast so I’m starving by mid-morning

We’re not saying you have to tuck into a huge meal first thing but a slice of grainy toast topped with peanut butter or a bowl of wholegrain cereal with trim milk and a chopped banana before you leave the house will do the trick. People who eat breakfast have better quality diets than those who don’t — partly because of the nutrient-rich foods we eat at breakfast and partly because of the energy-dense and nutrient-poor foods we’re likely to eat after skipping breakfast. So if you really can’t face anything at home, have a piece of fruit and a bottle of low-fat yogurt when you get to work. 

Natural Chikoo chips: While you are on the breakfast table, not able to decide what to have for a healthy breakfast for today. Here we suggest you have Natural chikoo chips which may help you to fill up your stomach as well as your health too. Sometimes people get bored by the daily routine of their breakfast, so for them, Natural Chikoo chips are made naturally, organically cultivated in the pristine environment of the Western Ghats.

3 pm: I’m having a post-lunch slump in the office

Mid-afternoon is a common time to snack (especially if lunch wasn’t very filling) making us susceptible to unhealthy foods. But instead of ignoring the urge to eat, choose a satisfying snack to keep you from raiding the fridge as soon as you get home.

Sweet potato treat:- This is a product of malnad, is made using good quality semi-ripe Sweet Potatoes naturally and originally cultivated in the heart of Western Ghats. Satisfy a sweet tooth with sweet potato snacks during your post-lunch break. The crispy, crunchy and tasty Sweet Potato snacks with no added color, sugar, and preservatives lead to the original taste.

6 pm: I can’t hold out for dinner

If you haven’t had a snack in the afternoon, chances are you’ve gone for five or six hours without any food. No wonder hunger usually gets the better of you when you’re preparing dinner and surrounded by food!

While preparing food for dinner you can have natural Garlic treat snacks to give your stomach rest for some time.

Natural Garlic Treat:- Made with Garlic naturally and organically cultivated in the pristine environment of the Western Ghats.Rich in Dietary Fibers, Potassium, Copper, Iron, and Vitamin C. The Natural Garlic snacks taste very natural and delicious.

9.30 pm: I like to nibble while watching TV

Many of us snack in the evening, so the first thing to check is that your evening meal is filling enough. And, before you open the cupboards while watching TV, think about whether you’re truly hungry, or if a warm drink would keep you satisfied. To help you sleep well, make sure snacks are light.

Try some healthy snacks which are free from preservatives as well as keep yourself healthy.

Natural Jackfruit chips:-Processed using Vacuum drying technology, these natural jackfruit chips are free from preservatives, no artificial color. It has Zero Cholesterol, Filled With Vitamin A, C, E, K, B6.Best supplement of Copper, Manganese & Magnesium.

When we snack we may not be focusing on what we are eating, so keeping healthy snacks to hand is a key to a healthy diet.

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