Vacuum Fried Snacks - The Future of Healthy Snacking

Vacuum Fried Snacks - The Future of Healthy Snacking

No doubt it tastes good when it comes to oily and deep-fried snacks. But do you know how bad it is for your health? Fried snacks are high in fat, calories, oil and even salt. A few studies have proved that deep fried snacks lead to serious health problems like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Many restaurants use these oils because they give food a satisfying taste and crunch. But they're not good for you.  


Vacuum fried snacks have many good qualities as compared to snacks that are fried in normal pressure or at higher pressure. The vegetable or the fruit absorbs less oil since it is deep-fried for an optimal pre-defined amount of time. This makes vacuum fried chips healthier than other types of chips.


Well, when it comes to the term vacuum fried many people are not familiar with the term “vacuum fried technology”, but most of them are familiar with the term oil-free. “Vacuum fried snacks” and oil-free snacks both are almost the same. Before we get into this let’s talk about what is vacuum fried technology.


What is Vacuum Frying Technology?

Vacuum frying technology as the name indicates is a method of frying where the eatable is deep-fried in oil in vacuum or near-vacuum condition. The frying occurs in a low pressure, therefore the vegetable or the fruit can be cooked in oil at a lower temperature as compared to those snacks fried in normal pressure.


How is vacuum-frying healthy?
Vacuum-frying process helps retain natural nutrients, colour, texture, and flavour of the fruit or vegetable that is being fried. This, quite simply, means that vacuum-fried snacks are more nutritious and tastier than regular fried food.


Fruit Treat Vacuum Fried Chips - Fruit Treat is a vacuum fried fruit chips product, we offer Banana Treat, Chikoo Treat, Papaya Treat, Jackfruit Treat, Okra or Bhindi Treat and Garlic Treat

  1. Kabuli Channa(Chickpeas)- This is a product of Malnad region of Karnataka, is made using good Quality Kabuli Channa. Prepared with the state-of-the-art Healthy Vacuum Frying Process, it retains All Nutritional contents of the product intact.
  2. Natural Banana Chips- Made with fruits naturally and organically cultivated in the pristine environment of the Western Ghats.This product is Processed using Vacuum Frying technology.

Check out other snacks in different flavours to match the taste of all members of a family. Stay healthy, and keep your family healthy too.

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