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Vacuum Fried Snacks - The Future of Healthy Snacking

Snacking is something we all do. However, it may not be our best habit however enjoyable it may be. What if we told you that snacking doesn’t always have to be unhealthy? Well, that’s the truth with vacuum fried snacks. If there are multiple reasons to avoid traditionally fried food items, there are equally healthy reasons to pick up a bag of vacuum fried food. Much better than traditional fried snack items, here’s everything you need to know about vacuum fried snacks and why you should choose them. 

What are Vacuum Fried Snacks?

Vacuum frying is a relatively new method of cooking where the food item is fried in almost or complete vacuum. The cooking takes place in a lower pressure, which affects the cooking temperature as well. The same snacks can be fried at a lower temperature compared to frying in normal pressure. After the deep frying process is complete, the vessel is repressurized.

Eating Traditionally Fried Snacks

Before we move on to new habits, let us take a look at what is wrong with our old one. The traditionally fried snacks, while high up on most of our favorites list, is not exactly our body’s friend. Here’s why.

Calories and Fat

Traditionally fried snacks contain high levels of oil which not only increase your calorie intake but also fat consumption. The high temperatures in which these are cooked changes the composition of the food, increasing the trans fat content. This makes it difficult for your body to digest.

Health Risks

Eating a lot of snacks that are fried using traditional methods poses multiple health threats. Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity are only a few on this list. From congestion in the arteries to development problems in the foetus when a mother is pregnant, the health risks these pose are plenty.

Harmful Acrylamide

When sugars and amino acids present in the food items react at high temperature, it results in a chemical compound called acrylamide. While more studies in humans are yet to be performed, these are definitely showing some risks of cancer when it comes to the results obtained from animal studies.

Destroying the Nutrients

You may be having the healthiest vegetables or fruits but deep frying them using traditional methods is not the right way to eat them. The process destroys the nutrients like minerals and vitamins in these food items to an extent that all we end up eating are empty calories!

Why Eat Vacuum Fried Snacks?

Well, vacuum frying has a lot of benefits for the consumers. 

More Efficient 

The process is much more efficient than normal frying and the snack is fried more evenly throughout. The snacks are crispy and tasty without the need to use any additives.

Less Oily

The snacks fried using vacuum technique absorb much less oil compared to traditional methods as the oil required to remove the moisture content in the fruit or vegetable is less. As the oil does not decompose readily in these temperatures, the amount of carcinogens present are also lower.

Flavors and Nutrients

Vacuum fried snacks are thought to have better flavor, retain more nutrients and lesser fat content because of this innovative process, making them both healthier and tastier. Get the natural feel of the item with this process that retains its smell, taste and color.

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to consuming vacuum fried snacks compared to traditionally fried items. With lesser health risks, they also retain more of the natural flavor and nutrients of the food item making it tastier. The lesser oil content due to the unique cooking process also makes these snacks less in their calorie count. The lower temperature also favors the consumer in making the snacks healthier.

Vacuum fried snacks are the future of healthy snacking. It’s your opportunity to snack healthy without having to fight with your conscience every time you do so. Fruit Treat has a range of products that will help you do this. Vacuum fried, these come rich in the natural nutrients of the fruits and come straight from the heart of Western Ghats. From chickpeas to jackfruits, we have got all your favorite traditional Indian snacks covered in a healthier alternative to the unhealthy traditionally fried snacks flooding the markets.

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