Vacuum-Fried Snack — The Next Delicious and Healthy You Never Ate

Vacuum-Fried Snack — The Next Delicious and Healthy You Never Ate

Products made by vacuum frying are slowly making their way into some American supermarkets, which can lower fat content and increase nutrient retention. What would you call a fried potato chip but still more nutritious than a traditional Fruittreat Chips? That would be an empty fried chip. The traditional frying food method involves being lowered in an oil bath that is boiling hotter than that of water.

This heat causes the water to evaporate and the frying oil to absorb. It results in a dry product that contributes to long shelf life and a unique taste and texture that many know and enjoy. However, along with the delicious taste and long shelf life, traditional deep fryers can create fries. The fries scorch before cooking and contain more fat than some consumers want.

But what if, instead of in a traditional deep fryer, a meal is fried in a closed pressure pan using oil that is heated to a lower temperature? This method of Vacuum Fried Vegetable and Fruit Chips, called sous vide frying. But due to those two important changes, the results bring less oil absorption and thus create a product that contains less fat.

With vacuum frying, the combination of lower frying temperatures and less oxygen exposure is believed to bring out several product benefits compared to traditional method fried products. These benefits have been reported to include nutrient preservation, improved color, reduced oil absorption, and decreased acrylamide presence. A suspected carcinogen in high-starch foods cooked at high temperatures.

In a 2011 study, Pedro Bouchon looked for a vacuum frying technique for fruit and vegetable chips that still meets Western snackers' taste standards. The result: Vacuum fried potato chips contain about 50 percent less oil than conventional fried chips and retain 95 percent of its vitamin C. Vacuum fried carrot chips also absorb 50 percent less oil than their conventional fried counterparts. The fried apple chips had 25 percent less oil and retained 95 percent of its vitamin C compared to conventionally fried carrot chips.

Vacuum fryers are currently more expensive to install and operate than standard frying devices. Also, an oil extraction mechanism is required to remove excess oil from frying next. These factors may cause snack makers to pause or rethink their full adoption of this technique.

So if you want to have Healthy Diet, then use Vacuum fryers.

Benefits of vacuum frying

Vacuum fried products have low humidity (<6%) and low water activity (aW <0.3) and come in category of Healthy Snacks. The absence of air during frying can inhibit oxidation, including lipid oxidation and enzymatic browning. Therefore, the fried samples' color and nutrients can be largely preserved. The products are crunchy and retain the original color, taste, and smell of natural foods.

Vacuum frying has some advantages. You can first reduce the oil content in the fried product and have Healthy Food. Second, it can preserve the natural color and flavours of the product as they are processed at low temperature and oxygen content during frying. Third, it has a less adverse effect on oil quality. Also, vacuum frying is beneficial for some strongly smelling fruits or vegetables such as durian. Vacuum frying can grill high sugar fruits and raw vegetables to create various types of snacks.

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