Order your vacuum fried favorite trio.

Order your vacuum fried favorite trio.

Healthy Snacks

What is your favorite trio ? Is it

1. Bendi (Orka) Treat - Chickoo Treat - Papaya Treat
2. Sweet Potato Treat - Chickoo Treat - Jackfruit Treat

Tired of oily snacks? And missing the healthy balance in your diet, then it is the perfect time for you to shift to vacuum fried snacks.

Advantages of Vacuum fried snacks over deeply fried snacks

1. Less oil absorption
2. Preserved natural flavors
3. Less adverse effect
4. A healthy snack option
5. Reduced Calories

Lets understand the benefits of our vacuum fried snacks in detail

  1. Bendi ( Orka ) Treat

Orka Treat preserves the richness of Vitamin A & C with antioxidants that help to prevent the risk of cancer growth, diabetes, heart disease & stroke, last but not least, Bendi is an excellent source of Magnesium Folate, Why not give a crispy bite to healthy vacuum fried snacks?

      2. Chickoo Treat

Too sweet to eat raw chickoo fruit ? order our Chickoo Treat and unleash the tastiest flavors of our treat, do you know: Chickoos hold many health benefits from our historical days, they help to cope with constipation, work as an anti-inflammatory agent, help to keep our skin & hair healthy, control blood pressure, prevent cancer and promote healthy bones.

     3. Papaya Treat

Papayas are a good source of magnesium, copper, fiber, vitamin A, folate & pantothenic acid, Not only does our Papaya Treat preserve the 100% natural essence of the fruit for a healthy snack bite, but having a papaya treat during your working hours will be an excellent choice for your daily busy schedule.

    4. Sweet Potato Treat

Sweet potato snacks are a better alternative to deep fried snacks because they contain fewer calories, a greater amount of fiber, and nutritious values. Using scientific vacuum fry technology, we preserve the natural essence of the fruits. Our sweet potato treats are harvested directly from farmers to ensure the quality of the fruit. Make sure you buy the sweet potato treat today!

    5. Jackfruit Treat

Looking for a healthier and tastier alternative to deep-fried snacks? Vacuum frying is the way to go! Our vacuum-fried okra is cooked to perfection, preserving its nutritional content and delivering a delicious, heart-healthy snack.

Order Your Favorite Now!

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