Order Your Favorite Evening Snack from Fruit Treat

Order Your Favorite Evening Snack from Fruit Treat

Vacuum Fried Snacks

Evening chit-chat time! How beautiful it is to be surrounded by a chit-chat partner, sharing your thoughts, events, celebrations, jokes and secrets with each other, Make your evening talks a bit more crispy & healthy with Fruit Treat snacks, To learn more about Fruit Treat Snacks -  Click Here

The snack eaters are tempted to try deep fried snacks, which are overloaded with additives & preservatives that are harmful to health. There are unhealthy snacks ranging from normal banana chips to deeply fried French fries, Deep frying or deep oil frying is regarded as the indigenous method that is used in food processing.

But over time, the excessive consumption of unhealthy snacks leads to
1. an unhealthy diet
2. Obesity
3. Increased Blood Pressure
4. Skin problems
5. An unhealthy lifestyle

Instead Try Replacing it with Vacuum Fried Snacks from Fruit Treat


Vacuum fried technology is a process of frying below atmospheric pressure, At minimized pressure, the boiling point of water & oil is comparatively lower in Vacuum fried technology, as a result, vacuum fried snacks preserve the most nutritional essence, texture, aroma & color. During vacuum frying process, food will be processed using mechanisms like depressurization, immersion frying, de-oiling, pressurization and cooling.

Lets us understand the process in detail

1. Depressurization

During this period, the product is placed in the headspace of frying tank until the pressure value decreases to start the second period.

2. Immersion Frying

When a product is submerged in oil, a phenomenon known as heat and mass transfer happens in which heat is convectively transferred from the oil to the product's surface and then conducted from the surface to the product's center. A small quantity of oil is absorbed by the food, and water is evaporated from the product. The cooked goods are removed from the frying medium after they have finished frying and are then held up in the vessel's headspace.

3. De-oiling

Centrifuging is used in the de-oiling procedure and in this process the majority of the oil is removed from the product's surface.

4. Pressurization & Cooling

During the pressurization process the vacuum is broken and system bounce back to atmospheric pressure, here the initial stage of cooling occurs, after sometime the whole system will be back to atmospheric pressure then the lid is opened up the product is removed from frying tank

In the Indian snack industry, vacuum frying technology has a ton of opportunities. It appears to be the best option for making fried snack foods, which can be regarded as both an ecologically friendly process and a high-quality final product.











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