Okra Treat – The Vegetable Snack for Your Whole Family

Okra Treat – The Vegetable Snack for Your Whole Family

It is very rare to get your family loves to eat the dishes made purely of vegetables. Even rarer it is for them to gorge on ladies’ finger or Okra. Are you looking for a healthy snack for a tea break? Are you bored of the regular snacks that you find in the market? Then this write-up on Okra Treat is just for you. This snack that you are going to read about is crispy, it is yum and it has all the nutrients that your family will require for healthy living. Read on to find out.

How is Okra Treat Made?

Okra Treat from Fruit Treat is a snack made of natural vegetable the Okra. It is initially dried and fried in oil using a vacuum frying machine. This type of frying in near-vacuum conditions does more good to you when compared to the open-air frying technique. The oil that is absorbed by the vegetable is reduced to a great extent. The snack is fried thoroughly at lower temperatures. The natural essence of the vegetable is well-retained. In simple words, Okra Treat made using vacuum frying technology is flavourful, healthy and very crispy.

The vegetable for the Okra Treat is grown in the Western Ghats naturally. Therefore it is healthier compared to other alternatives. Okra Treat is a product of Karanth’s Foods Pvt. Ltd. The company aims to offer nutritious and delicious snacks to people from everywhere in India and carry forward the cooking heritage of villages in South India.

Why You Must Try Okra Treat Today It is Crispy

  • It is Crispy

Okra Treat is made after drying the vegetable and frying it using a vacuum frying technique. At low temperatures, the vegetable is thoroughly fried. The chip turns out to be very crispy and crunchy. While the kids will enjoy eating the snack, the natural Okra essence is not let go of during the process.I

  • It is Healthy

Okra is one vegetable that is packed with nutrients. The vegetable is rich in carbohydrates and proteins. There are no added sugars or preservatives which can be one of the key reasons for you to buy the snack.

  • It is Delicious

Since the snack is made with vacuum frying technique and salts and chilly powder are used in optimum quantities to make the already flavourful snack even more delicious, people of all age groups will love Okra Treat snack.

  • Easy to Buy

Okra Treat can now be purchased online from anywhere. All you have to do is place the online order for Okra Treat and your favorite snack is delivered to your doorstep.

So why wait? Try our Okra Treat today!

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