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Healthy Snacks for Your Little Ones

Getting a child to eat is one of the most difficult things to do, as long as they are not snacks. Finding the right snacks for your child is one of the most challenging things of being a parent. While you, obviously, cannot keep him or her hungry until the meal time, giving them processed and packed food items all the time isn’t a good idea either. Here is why it is important to take some time out to think before buying snacks for your child.

Less Nutrition, More Hunger

Processed food items that are available in the market in the form of chips, cakes, etc. are often the most common snack items in a household. However, what is often forgotten is that these contain high levels of sugar and salt with very little nutritional content. What’s more? While these may be able to satisfy the hunger for the time being, they end up making the children hungrier after some time. These are high in saturated and trans fat content as well. What this means, in short, is that your child will consume a lot of these snacks but give their bodies nothing of value, and end up putting on weight which can also make them vulnerable for heart disease, some cancers, fatty liver disease, etc. 

Increasing Nutritional Intake

It is often found that most children do not consume the required amount of fruits and vegetables. Snack time can be an opportunity to make up for this lack by providing your kids with healthy fruit and vegetable content filled snack items. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and fibre, fruits and vegetables help increase the overall strength of your body. It protects your children against cancer, diabetes, etc. as well. Find fun and interesting ways to transform your fruits and vegetables into healthy snacks for your child. Low-fat dairy products like yogurt are also good options to be included in your child's diet. 

Keep a Variety

If the only snack options available for your child, day after day, are the same set of fruits, one cannot blame them if they complain. Remember to keep a variety of items in stock from different categories of food items. Include nuts, dairy, etc. Further, keep the kind of snacks in rotation as well. If you have given your child milk to drink in the morning, give them a fruit salad in the evening. There are some amazing easy-to-make recipes available online which you can explore and find out to understand what your child would enjoy the most. A little bit of chocolate sauce or cookie crumbs may do more good than harm. 

Food and Fun

Something that parents often tend to forget when it comes to cooking and serving within their house is that presentation is as important even if it is only for your children. Buy cups and bowls that are colorful and with cute patterns on them. If your kids have a favorite cartoon figure, it is a great idea to search for some with these characters on them. If you do not have any of these available, remember to experiment with how you place the items on your normal plates. You can arrange vegetables or fruits like a rainbow or add little smileys on top of your child’s milk to get them interested in eating these.


Finding the right snacks for your children can be tiring. This is especially the case when most kids are influenced by the advertisements they see everyday, tempting them to packaged, unhealthy junk items. Fruit Treat is a healthy alternative to the traditional snacking items available in the market. With multiple health benefits, these snacking options help your child in getting the nutritional content they require without compromising on their urge to snack frequently. They are easily available and pocket-friendly, and can save you a lot of time that may be wasted in getting the fruits and then making them into pleasing snacks for your kids.

Forming a huge chunk of your child’s diet, what snacks your child consumes has a huge impact on their health. The snack items available in the market are filled with excessive amounts of sugars and fats that makes them undesirable for your child. Further, they increase the child’s chances of getting certain diseases. Natural snacking options like fruits and vegetables boosts the child’s health and if presented in a fun manner, can be as interesting and appealing to the children as the usual packaged good available to them. 

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