Garlic Treat – An Evening Snack to Strike Your Taste Buds

Garlic Treat – An Evening Snack to Strike Your Taste Buds

If you have been on the lookout for a healthy and delicious snack that can charge your taste bud during an evening break or at the dinner desk, then you are not alone. In India, it is common to have a crispy snack during tea time or even during dinner in some cases. While there are many types of chips available in the market, not all of them are good for you. In the following write-up, we will introduce you to a unique snack made of a vegetable which can become unforgettable for you. Read on to find out.

Crispy Fried Chips Made of Whole Garlic

Before we talk of this snack, we shall first understand what the idea behind it is. Garlic Treat from Fruit Treat is a snack made of whole garlic cloves. It has no added sugars or preservatives, which makes it stand apart in the market.

The snack is cooked in a way that is healthy and delicious. Whole garlic pieces are cooked using a vacuum frying technique where the cloves get fried in near-vacuum conditions at low temperatures. As a result, the strong flavor of garlic and all the nutrition are retained. The chip tastes very natural and delicious.

No other snack in the market can be compared to Garlic Treat from Fruit Treat because of its unique taste and health benefits. The snack has the flavor of garlic and is crunchy. The snack can become a favorite of all people of all age groups.

Health Benefits of Garlic

According to researchers, garlic cloves have many health advantages. It is medicinal in nature, improves your immunity and helps fight germs from within. It is low on calories as compared to other vegetables. There is evidence that garlic can reduce hypertension in people. Garlic is also rich in anti-oxidants because of which it can reduce the risk of various diseases.

Since there are no added preservatives or sugars, the snack is healthier than many other snacking alternatives in the market.

Packaging and Delivery of Garlic Treat from Fruit Treat

Garlic Treat from Fruit Treat is made in the hearts of Western Ghats. The snack is cooked and packed from a small town in Karnataka, Sringeri. Fruit Treat is known for introducing traditional South Indian snacks to the country. Garlic Treat comes packed in a can that is made of tin. The can contains all the details related to the nutritional value of the chip. You can now order the vacuum fried garlic chips online and get it delivered to your doorstep. The snack is rich in dietary fibers, Potassium, Copper, Iron, and Vitamin C. It can be carried to office, or can be stored at home and served during tea time. Since Fruit Treat is focussed on bringing healthy snacks made of natural fruits and vegetables, one can rest assured that the snack is prepared to meet the best quality standards.

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