Fruittreat Snacks are Perfect for Sweater Weather!

Fruittreat Snacks are Perfect for Sweater Weather!

Winter season is all about good food and cosy evenings. In this sweater weather, we all become so lazy and end up eating more; that’s why following a healthy diet becomes more important during this season.

In winters our body metabolism works slow and this makes us feel colder. We prefer more spicy and oil-free food.

Fruittreat brings you a list of healthy snacks to make your winter snacking better!

  1. Sweet Potato Chips: Winter is around the corner and this is the time we look for cosy and comfort in warm and delicious snacks. When it is tough to select healthy snacks there are always some go-to options like sweet potato chips. They are an excellent source of vitamin A  and also help to support your immune system and gut health.

  2. Jack Fruit Chips: The authentic taste of Malnad based vacuum fried Super Spicy Jackfruit chips. Jackfruit provides many essential nutrients that help you to stay healthy. Jackfruit into your diet gives your body an important component for good mood and good ageing. They are crispy, crunchy, yummy and very healthy for our bodies!

  3. Papaya Treat: Entice yourself with the spicy and crispy vacuum fried papaya chips limited to a certain season of the year. Papaya is one of the most popular fruits which is consumed after lunch or dinner because it aids digestion. Papaya chips will help you keep your diet on track even when its chilly outside.

  4. Natural Banana Chips: vacuum Fried Banana Chips is crispy, with different flavours and good health, suitable for all ages.⁣⁣ The process helps in preserving the fruit/vegetable with its original taste, colour, shape and flavour.⁣ Banana chips are the perfect snack for a chilly evening with tea.

  5. Natural Okra Chips: Okra is one of the most unique and tastiest products among Fruittreat’s vacuum Fried Chips. Loaded with so many nutrients which contribute to a lot of health benefits, Okra chips also have a unique flavor, both of which are preserved through our Vacuum frying technology.

The best way to snack healthy is by simply opting for Fruittreat fruit snacks that are healthy for all. Enjoy the winter in all its glory with hot tea and fruittreat’s crispy and crunchy snacks.

Have healthy and snuggly sweater weather with Fruittreat!

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