FruitTreat - Say Yes to Healthy Snacking!

FruitTreat - Say Yes to Healthy Snacking!


Say Yes to Healthy Snacking
Let’s be honest, we all have snacks. And truly snacking is not that bad if you do it carefully and make healthy selections. When you are working, you need extra energy to remain up to your mark and nutritious food is the way to go. Cut out on those unnecessary carbs and choose a fresh fruit instead.

Snacking is that unavoidable and most delightful part of eating in everyday life for many of us. It may be during tea/coffee breaks, just before the dinner or some may love to have it when they are travelling long distances.Irrespective of the time, snacking can provide instant energy and helps you keep going.

As “healthy snacks” might sound boring but you would be surprised at just how tasty they are.From chikoos to jackfruits, we have got all your favorite traditional Indian snacks covered in a healthier alternative to the unhealthy traditionally fried snacks flooding the markets.There are a lot of benefits when it comes to consuming vacuum fried snacks compared to traditionally fried items. With lesser health risks, they also retain more of the natural flavor and nutrients of the food item making it tastier.

FruitTreat offers a range of vacuum fried treats that are healthy to eat and snack over. Convenient to snack over as we work, these come in different flavors and varieties. With home delivery options available, choose this alternative every time you find yourself reaching out to that bag of chips. 

Fruit treat chips are the real boon of fruits which not only boosts your energy but also helps in controlling Appetite. Fruits that are organically grown in the Western Ghats are fried using vacuum frying technology which is one of the finest ways to cook. Vacuum fried snacks do not absorb much oil and retain their nutrients and flavor. The result is a snack that is not only extremely delicious and flavourful but is also very healthy with all its nutrients.


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