Fruit Treat Meets Top Indian Chefs: A Culinary Collaboration

Fruit Treat Meets Top Indian Chefs: A Culinary Collaboration

In an exciting development for Fruit Treat, we recently had the privilege of meeting with some of India's top culinary experts to introduce them to our unique vacuum-fried chips. This encounter was not just an opportunity to showcase our innovative product but also a chance to gain invaluable insights from the masters of Indian cuisine.

Within just six months, we were fortunate to connect with 20 notable chefs from across India. Among them, the most notable chefs of the culinary world were Chef Sabyasachi Gorai, Dr. Chef K. Thirugnanasambantham, Chef Ishijyot Surri, and Chef Tulsian Ritesh. 

As the chefs sampled our vacuum-fried chips for the first time, we eagerly awaited their reactions. To our delight, the response was overwhelmingly positive. They were fascinated by the unique texture and flavor profile of our chips, recognizing the potential for our product in both home kitchens and professional settings. Here's what everyone has to say:

Chef Sabyasachi Gorai: The Celebrity Chef with a Passion for Food

Sabyasachi Gorai, popularly known as Chef Saby, is an Indian celebrity chef renowned for his culinary expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. Owner of the boutique hospitality consultancy 'Fabrica by Chef Saby' in New Delhi, Chef Saby wears many hats, including that of a teacher, hospitality consultant, and TV show host.

We had the pleasure of meeting Chef Saby at the Mithai and Namkeen Food Expo in Kolkata, where he was captivated by our innovative vacuum-fried chips made from Bhindi (Okra), Carrot, Garlic, Bitter Gourd and more. His appreciation for our products led him to become one of our prominent customers, and we are truly grateful for his support.

"I'm really amazed at what you've done with the Okra chips. Typically, this vegetable is known for its stickiness and isn't widely popular among most foodies around the world. Yet, your chip (Fruit Treat Bhindi Treat) is so crunchy and flavorful—it's absolutely delightful with every bite. Similarly, the Bitter Gourd chips have transformed a typically bitter vegetable into something incredibly tasty. Despite its usual bitterness, you've managed to bring out its delicious side. I'm adding these products to my kitchen and can't wait to experiment with some creative recipes using them," said Chef Saby while speaking to the Fruit Treat Team. 

Chef K. Thirugnanasambantham Aka Chef Tiru: The Veteran of Culinary Excellence

Dr. Chef K. Thirugnanasambantham, commonly known as Chef Tiru, boasts an impressive 32 years of experience in the hospitality industry, specializing in Kitchen Operation Management, innovative cuisine development, and quality assurance. 

As the Principal and Head of Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Chef Tiru's insights were invaluable when we met at Manipal's finest hotel management college. He was particularly impressed by our Bhindi, Garlic, and our latest innovation, Onion petal chips. His appreciation for the pure taste of our snacks reaffirmed our commitment to quality.

"I'm truly charmed by the flavors of Okra, Garlic, and Onion petal chips from Fruit Treat. These are novel tastes that have caught my attention. I'm considering introducing these unique snacks to my students to gather their insights and creative ideas. I see immense potential in these snacks, suggesting a promising future for the snacking industry.

Incorporating these chips into recipes could introduce a compelling crunch, promoting both texture and taste. I'm certain that chefs worldwide would find these innovative products appealing. The Onion petal chip stands out for its enchanting flavor—it's truly exceptional! I'll be encouraging my colleagues to give it a try.

Every snack from Fruit Treat offers an impressive crunch and delightful flavors that many will find appealing. I have great expectations for Fruit Treat and anticipate their continued growth in the industry," said Chef Tiru after he tried Fruit Treat snacks.

Chef Ishijyot Surri: The Culinary Maestro with Global Recognition

Chef Ishijyot Surri stands as a beacon in the global culinary arena, having earned titles like 'Young Chef of the Year' and 'Best Chef Led Restaurant.' He is currently the Executive Chef & Founder of SJI Hospitality & Foods Pvt. Ltd. We had the pleasure of meeting him at the India Food Forum in Mumbai, where he was fascinated by our vacuum-fried snacks. 

He is a well-known chef, having made appearances on numerous TV shows and sharing his culinary creations with audiences. Who better than him to understand people's preferences when it comes to food and snacks?

"There's no denying the goodness of your products, particularly the carrot, Okra, Sweet Potato, Jackfruit, and Garlic snacks. However, the challenge lies in effectively introducing these exceptional snacks to a global audience. It will require diligent efforts to spread the word about these fine offerings. Additionally, focusing on enhancing the seasoning could further drive your success in both the Indian market and internationally," said Chef Ishijyot Surri, as he met us in our exhibition stall at India Food Forum, Mumbai. 

Chef Tulsian Ritesh: The International Consultant Chef

Chef Tulsian Ritesh, with his international experience spanning W Hotels-Maldives and Atlantis The Palm-Dubai, is now a Consultant Chef & Partner with multiple brands, successfully launching projects globally. We crossed paths with Chef Ritesh at the India Food Forum, where he, like many others, was pleasantly surprised by our Bhindi (Okra), Sweet Potato and Bitter gourd chips. His insights into the snacking market and suggestions for quality improvement have been instrumental in shaping our product development strategy.

"It's encouraging to see vacuum-fried chips making their way into the market. Post-COVID, people have become increasingly mindful of their dietary choices. Discovering a healthy snack in today's market feels like finding a gem in the vast sea. Who would have imagined that vegetables other than potatoes could be transformed into snacks, especially Sweet Potato and Bitter Gourd? I wouldn't be surprised if vacuum-fried chips emerged as the next big trend in the snack industry. Meanwhile, I'm eager to explore the culinary possibilities these snacks offer in my recipes," says Chef Tulsian Ritesh.


Our meeting with these esteemed chefs was more than just a tasting session; it was a collaborative effort to push the boundaries of culinary innovation. Moreover, getting to know them has been a transformative experience for Fruit Treat, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and quality. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Chef Sabyasachi Gorai, Dr. Chef K. Thirugnanasambantham, Chef Ishijyot Surri, Chef Tulsian Ritesh, and all the other chefs who have contributed to this exciting journey. Together, we are shaping a brighter, tastier future for food lovers everywhere.

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