Fruit Snacks: Are They Healthy?

Fruit Snacks: Are They Healthy?

Fruit snacks run around 80-90 calories per small pouch—which is a reasonable amount of calories for a kids' snack. They’re free of fat, cholesterol and are very low in sodium. Many also provide vitamins A and C.

Before concluding, if the fruit snacks are healthy or not let's see what are the ingredients are there in the Fruit Treat Snacks.

1. Natural Banana Chips:- Banana chips have been naturally and organically cultivated in the pristine environment of the Western Ghats. Banana chips provide a snack alternative and are so much healthier than any commercial product which contains high amounts of sugar and fat. It consists of Protein, Potassium, Dietary Fibres, Vitamin B6, and C.

2. Jackfruit snacks:- Jackfruit chips as delicious and not just empty calories. Jackfruit is rich in iron and is a good source of energy. They are rich in protein and are baked which makes them healthier than other chips. The Jackfruits are naturally and organically cultivated in the pristine environment of the Western Ghats. Vacuum fried technology has been applied while making these snacks. It is the best supplementary food of Copper, Manganese & Magnesium. Vitamin C in Vacuum Fried Jackfruit Chips supports the immune system, repairs cell damage, and helps the body absorb other important nutrients such as iron.

3. Chikoo snacks:- Dried Chikoo Chips is a 100% natural product with no added sugar, color, or flavor. A great anywhere, anytime healthy snack for all age groups. Many people do not like to have chikoo as a fruit, but when the word “snacks” comes to mind people would prefer to have chikoo snacks rather than chikoo fruit. We fruittreat, that's why we have converted the chikoo fruit into nutritious and delicious chikoo fruit snack which not only gives taste to your tongue but also keeps you healthy.

4. Okra snacks:- Okhra is a kind of vegetable commonly known as Bhindi in India is no doubt a healthy vegetable. But, when it comes to having snacks people may feel hesitant if they are still healthy or not.
Yes, it's healthy. We apply vacuum frying technology which makes the snacks oil-free. It's 100% natural, with no added sugar, no artificial color. Sometimes attractive colorful snacks may not be healthy snacks. It is Rich in Dietary Fibers, Potassium, Copper, Iron, and Vitamin C.

5. Papaya snacks:- Papaya is one of the most popular fruits which is consumed after lunch or dinner because it aids digestion. Papaya is cooked using a vacuum frying technique which reduces oil consumption. There are no added sugars and flavors in the snack which is another advantage of this snack.

Conclusion: Everyone wants to be healthy and fit. It's up to you to decide what you are gonna choose. Healthy delicious fruit snacks or Unhealthy oily snacks?
Fruittreat is the leading manufacturing company in India that cares about your health. The idea of Fruit Treat is to offer healthy snacks which are rich in nutrition, produced from fruits that are organically grown and cooked using traditional Indian techniques. In this way, the company is aiming to carry forward the cooking traditions of South India.

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