Eating Healthy at Work: Quick and Easy Snacking at Office

Eating Healthy at Work: Quick and Easy Snacking at Office

As we spend hours in an office cabinet, stressing over our computer screens, our energy levels may easily be dropping. Snacking during office hours has become a coping mechanism for many of us. However, there are some tips to keep in mind when you eat at work to ensure that the food you are eating is, in fact, giving you the nutrition you require.

How to Snack Healthy?

The important part about snacking in your office is about how you are doing it. Here are some tips to keep in mind to eat right during your office hours.

Say No to Junk

Yes, it is filling. Yes, it is tasty. However, it shouldn’t go into your office bag as junk food gives you almost no nutrients and just empty calories. When you are working, you need extra energy to stay up to your mark and nutritious food is the way to go. Cut out on those unnecessary carbs and choose a fresh fruit instead.

Filled Water Bottle

Having water at regular intervals is absolutely necessary on a busy day. Staying hydrated not only keeps you feeling refreshed and energized and is especially necessary if you work in a airconditioned room where your skin may be losing out on its moisture.

Fresh Juice

Making some fresh fruit juice for yourself to take with you to your work is also a good option to stay energetic. This can act as a healthy alternative to carbonated refreshment drinks that may be available, which contains excessive amounts of sugar. Black coffee and green tea are also good options which additionally help you with your metabolism while quenching your thirst. 

Home Cooked Snacks

Snacking is better done when the food comes from home. Buying outside food has the danger of being cooked unhygienic and is not advisable. Further, buying packed items to munch on, while absolutely tasty, definitely will not do much for your body in terms of nutrition.

What are Some Snacking Options for Office?

A Classic Sandwich

You are running late for work and you really haven’t got the time to experiment with your food. Go simple; go classic. Put two slices of bread in the toaster, choose your favorite vegetables, and pack your sandwich. It is easy to make and can be eaten quickly between your office breaks. What’s more? It’s something we all know how to make and there isn’t one best way to make it. After all, we can’t go wrong with making a sandwich!

Dark Chocolate Covered Nuts

Dark chocolate covered nuts are one of the easiest things to snack as you are working. Not only are the nuts filled with proteins and healthy fats but the dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants. They are sweet and tasty and can keep you munching as you meet that deadline.

Spicy Cashews

Cashews make a great snack as well. However, it can at times taste bland and may not suit everyone’s taste preferences. Add a fun twist to it by spicing it up. These now make for a snack that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats, and tasty to eat.

Hard-boiled Eggs

You cannot find an easier or healthier snack to eat. A hard-boiled egg cooks in a few minutes and contains all the nutrients you will need in some amount. One large egg will give you from proteins to iron, calcium to vitamins, and many other nutrients. Dig into this simple snack to make the day a little less stressful.

Vacuum Fried Snacks

While fried snacks are all of our favorite, traditionally deep fried snacks are not the best food options to your body. Well, the solution is simple. Buy a packet of vacuum fried snacks that are not just healthier due to lesser oil retention, but also containing more flavors and natural feel of the item.

FruitTreat offers a range of vacuum fried treats that are healthy to eat and snack over. Convenient to snack over as we work, these come in different flavors and varieties. With home delivery options available, choose this alternative every time you find yourself reaching out to that bag of chips. 

It is quite natural to feel hungry during one’s work hours. However, remember that your snacking choices make a lot of difference to your health. Opt for healthy snacks that can be eaten quickly rather than going for processed food that can hamper your health. Remember to stay hydrated as well.

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