Delicious Jackfruit Chips – Snacks You Must Taste This Summer

Delicious Jackfruit Chips – Snacks You Must Taste This Summer

It is that time of the year when things start to get hot. It is also the time of the year when the exams are getting over for kids and they are excited about the vacation. It is a time when you see jackfruits and mangoes everywhere. This summer, why don’t you try and taste a snack that will give you an all-new experience of the jackfruit. It is nutritious. It is delicious. It is available at your doorstep! It is going to be one Jackfruit treat for you!

Jackfruit Treat – A Must Have Snack This Summer!

Jackfruits are grown in many parts of India. But the fruits that grow naturally deep within the forests of Western Ghats (Malnad) taste a lot different. Jackfruit Treat is a snack that is made with such organic jackfruits. So how is this snack different from the regular wafers that you get in shops? Here are a few reasons why you must go for Jackfruit Treat – a healthy alternative to other snacks in the market.

A Fruity Snack

Biscuits, samosas and pakodas are the routine tea-time snacks we have in India. Banana chips are popular in South Indian houses. Jackfruit Treat is a snack that has a fruity essence and tastes a lot different than most other snacks.

Rich in Nutrition

The snack is made of jackfruit which is rich in dietary fibres, proteins, potassium, magnesium and carbohydrates. Jackfruit has many health benefits. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. There are studies that suggest that the fruit can help control diabetes and blood pressure too.

Crispy and Tasty

Jackfruit Treat is very crispy and delicious because of the fruity flavour. It has natural sugars and comes mixed in different flavours to suit different age groups/taste buds.

Vacuum Fried Snack

Since Jackfruit Treat is a vacuum fried snack, it is very healthy compared to other snacks available in the market. Vacuum frying technique ensures that the fruit absorbs less oil and the nutrition and the natural essence of the fruit is retained during the course of frying.

Healthy Jackfruit Snack from Fruit Treat

Fruit Treat offers healthy and fruity snacks. It is a product of Karanth’s Foods Pvt. Ltd. an ISO 22000:2005 certified company based in Sringeri, Karnataka. The company aims to introduce the world to the natural snacks that are made in India, especially in the Western Ghats. One can order snacks online. Apart from the Jackfruit Treat, there are snacks made from Banana, Chickoo, Ladies Finger and Papaya. Order your favourite Snack today!

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