Crunchy Snacks that Go Light on Your Tummy

Snacks are normally considered as obstacles in weight management. They may be fried chips or sugary biscuits, they tend to help kill hunger, yet may turn out adding unwanted calories and sugars than what is necessary for the body. In this write-up we will introduce you to a healthy snack that not only gives you good nutrition but also goes light on your tummy, helping you manage weight. Read on to know more about this wonderful snack and how it helps in avoiding weight gain.

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Kabuli channa snacks

Kabuli Channa – A Delicious and Light Snack with Health Benefits

Kabuli Channa, or chickpeas as it is known in English, is a form of legume that is very rich in fibers and proteins. It is used in preparing various types of dishes throughout the sub-continent. It is a Healthy chips to eat with low-calorie high fiber nutritious snacks. Imagine if there is a healthy snack made of Kabuli Chana with advanced technology that comes neatly packed in a cover with all details of nutritional value? Kabuli Chana snack from Fruit Treat is a snack which can be ordered online. It is much better than many of the snacks that are available in the market for the following reasons.

kabuli channa snacks, chick peas snacks
Vacuum fried Chik peas snacks
  • Kabuli Channa is rich in proteins, vitamins, and fibers that are essential for the body. With a good supply of these nutrients, your energy levels are maintained throughout the day.
  • Studies also suggest that protein and fiber intake slows down digestion and helps manage the appetite. So it's a Healthy Snacks for Weight loss.
  • Kabuli Channa is low on calories which means that you get more essential nutrients for the amount of calories that you consume. The amount of carbs and fat is low in Channa as compared to other snacks.
kabuli channa snacks, chick peas snacks
kabuli chana snack
  • The presence of proteins and fibers and low carbs in channa ensures that the blood sugar levels are well-managed.
  • The snack is made using Vacuum Frying Technology. Because of the use of this advanced technique, the nutrients in Channa is retained and the oil absorbed is much lesser than other forms of fried channa available in the market. The snack is much flavourful and delicious too.
  • There are no added preservatives or sugar in the snack which is one of the important health factors to consider when buying Kabuli Channa.

Why Buy Kabuli Channa Snack from Fruit Treat?

Fruit Treat is a product of Karanth’s Foods Pvt. Ltd. The company has been making natural snacks made of vegetables and fruits that are grown at the hearts of Western Ghats. The natural fruits and vegetables which are organically grown are more nutritious and rich in flavors. Kabuli Channa snack is an offering of Fruit Treat. The company has an objective of making great quality snacks that reflect the country’s heritage and take it across to all corners of the country. Fruit Treat Kabuli Channa snack can be ordered online. Order your favorite snack today!Work Hard, Snack often

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