Celebrate Holi with these Super Healthy Fruit Snacks!

Celebrate Holi with these Super Healthy Fruit Snacks!

Holi is the festival of colours, bringing love, joy and togetherness! This day you can tick people off, with water balloons, colours and most important with yummy and healthy snacks. The festival of colours is incomplete without the Holi snacks. You see, it's a stated fact that celebrating Holi would never be considered complete without indulging in some divine Holi treats. Some popular Holi treats are festive Gujiyas, chilled Thandais or general Indian snacks such as samosas, Dahi vadas and so on. However, these Holi snacks can make a serious effect on your healthy diet. They might taste like wow but the final judgment might cost us that we can't handle!

The great news is, we have some healthy alternatives available to deal with the consequences. But this time, add up more flavours to your Holi Celebration with FruitTreat Snacks. These Super Healthy fruit snacks you must try on :

  1. Mouth-Watering Banana Treat: We all love banana chips! Fruittreat Vacuum fried organic Banana chips are never compromised with taste, quality and hygiene. These chips have ample amounts of vitamins and minerals that keep your heart health, blood pressure and skin in check. It is sugar-free and you can have them as a snack any time of the day. The chips, therefore taste a lot different than most of the snacks you may have come across till date. You will experience the richness of the naturally grown fruit in every bite of the chip. These banana chips are great for every occasion!

  2. Lip-Smacking Jack Fruit Treat: Jackfruits are grown in many parts of India. But the fruits that grow naturally deep within the forests of Western Ghats (Malnad) taste a lot different. Jackfruit Treat is a snack that is made with organic jackfruit. The snack is made of jackfruit which is rich in dietary fibres, proteins, potassium, magnesium and carbohydrates. Jackfruit has many health benefits. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Jackfruit Treat is very crispy and delicious because of the fruity flavour. It has natural sugars and comes mixed in different flavours to suit different age groups/taste buds.

  3. Flavoursome Okra Treat: No one likes to have vegetables as a snack. But okra vegetables can be made delicious for the festive season. The Okra or Bendi Treat is the best product of Fruit Treat. These light & crunchy okra chips are a deliciously unique snack. Looks so good on the outside, it will make you feel good inside. It is made with Vacuum Frying Technology. These Vacuum Fried Okra Chips are low on fat, retain all nutrients, colour, flavour and texture of the okra but are crispy and turn out to be a great mid-meal snack for all those hunger pangs. From a healthy and positive perspective, okra chips are good to go in the flow.

  4. Fruitfully Chikoo Treat: Fruittreat natural chickoo chips is our alimentation providing to bust those intermittent hunger pangs. This fast food hunger buster is a 100% natural product with no added sugar, colour, or flavour. It has no preservatives and is more nutritious too. This ensures low absorption and prevents oil degradation. Sounds healthy? Well, it is truthfully. Chikoo Treat is a perfect choice for kids and adults. And, when it's a playful time, it is natural for adults to become a kid by heart. So, why not by the taste too? Pick the Chikoo Treat as snacks for Holi and let your taste buds have a celebration too.

  5. Finger-Licking Papaya Treat: Papaya is one of the most popular fruits which is consumed after lunch or dinner because it aids digestion. The fruit is rich in fibres and nutrients which is why it has many health benefits. Papaya Treat is made with Papaya fruits naturally and organically cultivated in the pristine environment of the Western Ghats. - Processed using Vacuum Frying technology. Choosing Papaya Treat as Holi snacks provides you flavour and varied health benefits. It is a wise choice to keep your guests healthy on the festive season, packed in the mood to swing with your fellow beings.   

You can pick any of these fruit snacks or all of them without any worries as of them are ready made so you don’t need to tension of the hustle and bustle.No matter how grand the occasion you always have to follow your health guidelines.

"Bura Na Mano Holi Hai?"... This Holi, instead of making excuses, order these super-healthy and tasty fruit snacks to enjoy the festival guilt-free with your friends and family!


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