Bhindi Treat: A New Favorite for Karnataka Caterers

Bhindi Treat: A New Favorite for Karnataka Caterers

In the vibrant culinary landscape of Karnataka, a new snack has taken center stage at celebrations and functions, redefining traditional feasting norms. Fruit Treat’s Bhindi Treat, a vacuum-fried delight made from okra, has rapidly become a favorite among caterers and guests alike. Whether you’re attending a wedding, a festival, or any social gathering, you’ll likely find these crispy Bhindi chips accompanying your meal, delighting taste buds across the state.

The Rising Demand for Innovation

Caterers face the constant challenge of keeping their menus fresh and exciting. Traditional snacks like Bundi Mixture, Fried Cashew, Raw Banana Chips, Karasev, and Chakli, while still beloved, have become ubiquitous. The quest for newness and the need to stand out has driven caterers to explore new options. Enter Fruit Treat’s Bhindi Treat, a snack that has captivated people of all ages with its unique flavor and texture.

The Journey of Fruit Treat’s Bhindi Treat

Fruit Treat began its journey by supplying Bhindi chips to just two caterers. Fast forward to 2025, and the company now caters to over 50 caterers, marking an exponential rise in demand. This surge in popularity can be attributed to the snack’s light, crunchy texture and the health benefits associated with vacuum frying—a process that retains the nutritional value of the okra while minimizing oil absorption.

"We often served banana chips and other snacks to guests along with meals, but people were getting bored with the same options every time. When we learned about Fruit Treat's vacuum-fried chips, I was particularly fascinated by their Okra chips and found out they were supplying to local caterers in Sringeri. I decided to order them too, and now this snack is a hit," says Pradeep P who has a catering service in Thirthahalli.

A Statewide Sensation

The love for Bhindi chips has spread far beyond Sringeri, the home base of Fruit Treat. Orders now pour in from various parts of Karnataka, including Shimoga, Udupi, Mangaluru, Bengaluru, Hubali, Kalasa, Hornadu, Thirthalli, Birur, and Chikkamagaluru. The snack's popularity has transcended regional boundaries, making it a staple at functions across the state.


"Kids crashing the wedding often come to the kitchen area asking for these Bhindi Chips. Normally, I say no to anyone wanting snacks before the meal is served, but when those innocent faces beg for just one chip, I can't resist and end up giving them a few. Kids loving Bhindi—can you believe it?" says Manoj Kumar who has catering services in Bengaluru.

Why Bhindi Chips?

The appeal of Bhindi chips lies not just in their novelty but also in their versatility. They can be enjoyed as a standalone snack, a side dish, or even as a garnish to add a crunchy element to meals. Children love them for their crispy texture, adults appreciate their unique flavor, and the elderly find them a delightful and easy-to-eat treat.

Caterers’ Delight

For caterers, Bhindi chips offer a solution to the perennial demand for something new. The positive response from guests has made it easier for caterers to introduce and integrate Bhindi chips into their menus. The chips' acceptance across diverse age groups ensures that caterers can confidently serve them, knowing they will be well-received.

"I have been ordering Okra chips for about five years now, and the reaction of people remains the same every time they eat these chips. With around 10 catering events every month and thousands of customers served, I have yet to find anyone on the guest list who dislikes these Okra chips. It's truly surprising! It's mainly because of the crispiness and the health benefits of Okra," says Prasanna Bhat, having done catering services for more than a decade in Sringeri.

The Future of Bhindi Chips

With the current trajectory, it’s clear that Bhindi chips are more than a passing trend. The ongoing demand suggests a lasting presence in Karnataka’s culinary scene. Fruit Treat continues to innovate and expand its distribution network, ensuring that this delightful snack reaches even more people.


In conclusion, Fruit Treat’s Bhindi Treat has not only provided caterers with a fresh and exciting option but has also captured the hearts and palates of people across Karnataka. As the love for these vacuum-fried Bhindi chips grows, they are poised to become an enduring favorite at celebrations, bringing joy and crunch to every feast.

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