Best Post-Workout Fruity Snack for Weight Loss

Best Post-Workout Fruity Snack for Weight Loss

Never Starve Yourself , Just Grab a Healthy Snack !!

An Hour’s workout a day can let you lead a healthy and long life. While workout forms one part of a healthy routine, the other part has to do with what we eat and how we eat. Therefore it is essential for us to maintain a healthy diet and ensure that there is sufficient intake of energetic food that is rich in fiber. In this write-up, we introduce you to three wonderful fruits and explain how they can help you in the days of workout. We also introduce you to a unique snack made of fruits which is crunchy and healthy at the same time. Find out more about the best Post-Workout Healthy Snacks.


Papaya is one of the best fruits for the workout days because of the fiber content in the fruit, it is low in calories and it helps in weight loss. Studies such that papaya fruit helps in detoxification and helps lose weight. The fruit can be had with honey post-workout.

Papaya Chips from Fruit Treat is a crunchy alternative you can try if you are looking for a snack that fulfills your appetite with low calories. The snack is natural and nutritious and has no added sugars or flavors.


Chickoo is another fruit that provides instant energy post-workout. Chickoo has natural fructose and sucrose which are known to boost your energy levels quickly after the workout. The smoothie made from the fruit is a popular post-workout drink.
If you are looking for a crunchy snack that can help you manage your appetite, then Chickoo Treat is one chip that you will definitely want to try. It is made of a special technique called vacuum frying technology. The chip is nutritious, flavourful, and delicious.

Kabuli Channa

Kabuli channa is a great source of protein. The protein to carbohydrate ratio in Kabuli Channa is high as compared to any other food. Therefore it produces energy quickly and ensures that there is not much weight gain during the process. Kabuli Channa helps you to stay full during the day.

Fruit Treat, one of the leading brands producing healthy and fruity snacks in the Western Ghats of India offers Kabuli Channa snacks. The snack is low in fat and has good amounts of carbs and proteins. It can be an ideal choice for those who are looking for snacks to manage their appetite between meals, yet do not want to gain weight during the course.

Post Workout Snacking Options – Now Delivered to Your Doorstep

Fruit Treat was started to serve healthy snacks to food lovers. The snacks are made of fruits or vegetables that are organically grown in the Western Ghats. Some of the snacks are as great as post-workout fillers. Fruit Treat has made it possible to order snacks online. Your favorite crisps are delivered to your doorstep within a few clicks.

Never Starve Yourself, Just Grab Healthy Snack!!

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