Are Vacuum Fried Sweet Potato Chips good for you?

Are Vacuum Fried Sweet Potato Chips good for you?

Vacuum Fried Sweet Potato is a healthy alternative to junk foods because it is lower in fat, large amount of fibre and nutrients. Vacuum frying is another method to the traditional atmospheric deep-fat frying that provide the health benefits associated with low effects on oil quality while conserving the natural colour and flavour of the product.

Fruittreat Sweet Potato chips are made from fresh sweet potato, using the latest vacuum frying technology, crisped to perfection. Vacuum frying helps in maintaining all the goodness of sweet potatoes. These crisp prepared at low temperature, make sure that the nutrients, vitamins and minerals present in the food are not lost.

Vacuum- frying is like - putting food into a vacuum frying machine that pressurises and cooks it with the utilisation of heat oil but at a much lower temperature than traditional frying methods. At these temperatures, the oil doesn’t decompose so readily, so carcinogens are less present. During a low-heat fry, normal fruits and vegetables become nicely crisp and intense filtrations of themselves.

Vacuum fried snacks are thought to have better flavor, retain more nutrients and have lesser fat content because of this innovative process, making them both healthier and tastier. Get the natural feel of the item with this process that retains its smell, taste and color. Fruit Treat has a range of products that will help you do this. Vacuum fried, these come rich in the natural nutrients of the fruits and come straight from the heart of Western Ghats.

Yes, Vacuum fried sweet potato chips are good for you! Sweet Potatoes are an excellent source of fibre, vitamins and help support your immune system and gut health. Fruittreat healthy snacks are never compromised with taste, quality and hygiene.

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