Bharadwaj Karanth, a young entrepreneur from Sringeri, quit his teaching profession to start a rural enterprise in his village.

His venture Karanth’s Food products (fruit treat) offers vacuum fried fruits and vegetables with no preservatives and additives.

A PhD holder in image processing, Bharadwaj started his career as a professor in computer science. However, he quickly decided to start his own venture to create better value for local produces and also to offer employment locally.

In 2018, Bharadwaj made a humble beginning in a rented space, did experimental works, and established an array of products.

Today, he has established his own production unit near Sharada Devi Temple, Sringeri where he produces over 15 different vacuum fried fruit and vegetable produces.

Now, Karanth’s foods have a lot on the cards. Bharadwaj has launched a new range of spices and seasonings under the brand name, ‘Ruchira’. Here is the enterprising story of Mr. Bharadwaj Karanth.

“I aspire to generate more jobs and help more farmers. People feel that a remote region in the Western Ghats cannot flourish industrially. But it is possible to start an ethical business anywhere, and support the people of the region.”

- says Mr. Bharadwaj